Just recently opened Contrology Studio is founded by Lorraine Kelley Micheal and Charlie Michael.

Our studio is a family run business, you’ll see daughter Chloe at the reception, son Coco along with their partners and friends doing Pilates.
My 85 year old Mum is starting Pilates this year and hopefully we’ll start a seniors class soon!

Charlie and I met in 2002 in Montreal my home town where he was the V.P. of sales for a London based company. Feeling home sick for London Charlie asked me if I would come back with him to London. It was an agonizing decision having to leave my teenage kids and Mum but I embarked with hopes that I could eventually get them to come and live with us there. The kids got to know London and loved it but not enough to live there. We spent 8 years travelling back and forth until we decided to return. We moved back to Montreal in the summer of 2014.


We arrived in London 2006, the year the financial market crashed in the UK. It didn't make it easy for us as we arrived with lots of enthusiasm but all you heard on the news everynight was how bad the country was suffering. Charlie partnered up with his brother to take over the family business. I wasn't legally allowed to work until my papers came through so we decided together that I should finally pursue the Pilates career I always wanted and had spent many years as a client. So I’ve embarked on a plan of training that is still ongoing. It has taught me we are in constant flux, always learning and eternally dreaming.

Training and Diplomas

I received my first training (NVQ 3) in one of London’s first Pilates studio’s. Pilates International was owned by Heather Samson who worked with Alan Herdsman . He is thought to be the first person to have brought Pilates to the UK. In the 1960’s he travelled to New York and studied under Carola Trier (a Pilates Elder). My work included a study of both the classical and contemporary methods that passed down from Ms. Trier.
My Classical Pilates diploma is from The Pilates Centre of Boulder, Colorado. This Teachers Training is known as the “Harvard” of Pilates schools. It is considered the standard bearer of industry quality and integrity. At 950 hours it is by far the most intense and in depth program available.

My tuition was completed in Pepilates studio in south London with with many gifted instructors and renowned teachers such as Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segal, the owners of the TPC. They studied in the ’80’s with recently passed Romana Kryzanowska, who was a lifelong student and friend of Joseph and Clara Pilates. After Clara’s death she became the direct heir to his legacy of work.

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