Contrology's Classical Pilates Teachers

Contrology opened in 2014 with just one teacher, and has since grown into a full team of highly educated instructors. We have all graduated from the prestigious home of Pilates education, The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. Always at the forefront of education we teach to the upmost standards with care and compassion.

Lorraine Kelley

My journey into Pilates started as many people do — as a client. From the beginning, I was empowered by the grace and strength that I could guide for my body, mind and spirit. Teaching since 2007, I live by my vision and share the peace and passion that Pilates has given me.

Pilates is my sanctuary, and our studio Contrology reflects that.

Fabiolla Moriera
Katherine LaCharité Boulay
Chloé Bolay
Yona Gonshor
Cora Cunningham