Classes, fees, and promotions

Promotions For New Clients

Packages are for new clients only so they can for find your perfect experience at Contrology

new clients only

combo privates + group

1 month expiry

1 private + 1 apparatus class $120
1 private + 5 apparatus classes $275
1 private + 10 apparatus classes $430
Special Deal
3 privates + 10 apparatus classes
3 month expiry

new clients only

private sessions

1 month expiry
50 mins

1 private $80
3 privates $230
5 privates $375

Group classes

Small group classes for a personalized
experience in reformer, mat, tower and chair.

single and block prices

group apparatus classes

3 month expiry

1 class $40
5 classes $185
10 classes $350
student class
ID required
unlimited monthly*
3 month minimum requirement with automatic renewal
$400/monthly renewal

lunchtime special

group apparatus classes

3 month expiry

1 class $30
5 classes $140
10 classes $250
  • Beginner Classical Apparatus i

    An excellent entry and slower paced class allowing gradual introduction into basic techniques, breathing, and autonomy in your first classical experience. Great for those learning the method or those wanting a lighter workout.

  • Intermediate Classical Studies i

    A class were you’ll start taking on new theories such as transitions and challenging exercise sequences while co-ordinating with breath and basic technique. Importance is placed of becoming independent as you start recalling spring settings, series orders and exercises.

  • Advanced Classical Studies i

    This is a class for those who are self reliant for spring settings, exercise series and transitions. This allows the client to explore advanced Pilates complexities while moving through exercises at a quicker pace. Exercises at this level require excellent abdominal strength, spinal flexibility, and focus.

Private Sessions

Instructions are tailored to your needs and your level of fitness. Some modification of exercises may be used to enhance your journey to a full classical workout.

Personal One-On-One Session

single and block prices

3 month Expiry
50 mins

1 Private $100
1 Private
with Lorraine
5 Privates $450
5 Privates
with Lorraine
10 privates $890
10 privates
with Lorraine
20 privates $1600
20 privates
with Lorraine

Duets Sessions

personal classes for two people

3 month expiry

1 duet class $120
5 duet classes $550
10 duets classes $1000

Youth (10-14yrs) classes

Having fun with Pilates movements and progressing into light classical Pilates work

10 week course

is taken as a course requiring a weekly commitment

10 Classes $250