private Sessions

These classes are a great way of understanding the Pilates method that can be confusing if you start off in groups. They will provide you with the basic knowledge you will need if you wish to join a beginnrer's group. Of course your more than welcome to remain as a private student as long as you wish, still experiencing  all of the equipment and mat exercises.

We always recommend when recovering from injury, suffer from pain, if you are pregnant and unexperienced in Pilates or just brand new to Pilates to have 1 to 1 sessions. Your teacher will be able to provide you the specialized instruction needed and will always work to your fitness level.

Your sessions will begin with an evaluation of your current fitness level and then progressively work you through a regiment that allows for proper understanding of the Classical Pilates method.

We offer a one time deal for new clients only 5 classes for $400 (save $50)

This should provide you with basic knowledge if you wish to move you into a beginners group equipment or mat class if you are new to Classical Pilates.

 Private Class Price  
Classes Price Session Price
Single Class $90 $90 per session
5 Classes $425 $85 per session
10 Classes $800 $80 per session
Extra Special Offer
20 Classes $1400 $70 session

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