Pregnancy Classes

Pre-natal Pilates is safe form of exercise that can help you prepare for the birth of your little one.
Pilates works key core muscles including the pelvic floor and postural muscles preparing your body for the changes it experiences through pregnancy and then childbirth.
Pregnancy classes are held in our private room or on the wall tower units. Never more than 4 in a class will ensure safe and secure instruction. This is not a physically challenging class but a preparatory class for childbirth that gently strengthens and maintains your flexibility as your baby grows and your body transforms.

If you haven’t practiced Pilates before, we recommend waiting until after your 12 week scan before getting started. New practitioners are also required to take 3 private classes to ensure their safely.

Post-natal After 9 long months of preparing for birth new Mums are always anxious to regain their fitness levels and pre-pregnancy bodies. Pilates is a gentle and progressive method in regaining lost strength, flexibility and finding the extra energy to deal with their new noisy family member
It will help to rebalance the body, re-strengthen the abdominals, and relieve any strains due to fatigue.
A very therapeutic class with a maximum of 4 Mums which will slowly become challenging with time.

We recommend waiting 4-12 weeks (dependant on type of birth) for the body to heal before re-starting any fitness routine.

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