Welcome to Contrology, Montreal’s only
Classical Pilates studio

Classical Pilates is a spirited workout adhering to the original series, repetitions and progressions crafted by Joseph Pilates

Results are long lean muscles, uniformly developed bodies, flexible stable spines, robust immune systems and mental clarity. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming inclusive studio that responsibly guides all fitness levels.

Our dedicated teachers are educated and hold diplomas from The Pilates Center (considered the Harvard of Pilates). Contrology is the only Classical Pilates teaching program in Montreal and is a Host Advising Studio for The Pilates Center teacher training Program. Through the iTPC program and Contrology we have successfully trained and mentored numerous graduates in classical Pilates.

Contrology is a bright sunny studio and sanctuary dedicated to healthfulness

We use only genuine classical Pilates apparatus, beautifully crafted by Basil and Gratz.  The heritage of our equipment is true to the original designs that Mr. Pilates patented, and is designed to assist the body in understanding movement skills.

These will give you an authentic classical workout adhering to the traditions of the method.